Flagship Course 

The Art of Spiritual Direction

Year 1

The aim is to offer participants a wide range of experience in: 

              ways of praying

              traditions of Christian spirituality

              the ministry of spiritual direction.


Mondays during term time, excluding half-terms; 11am – 3.45pm

Expected dates : September 2021-22


All course sessions held at The Stable Rooms, Histon, on the northern outskirts of Cambridge

Residential weekend held at Bishop Woodford House in Ely



Non returnable booking fee of £10

Course fee of £850 includes the residential weekend

What is required of participants?

•    Christian faith

•    Some sense of vocation

•    Recognition, acceptance and tolerance of people from a wide diversity of backgrounds

•    An understanding that people differ with regard to individual spirituality, churchmanship, life experience, academic qualifications as well as in gender and culture

•    An ability to be listened to, as well as to listen

•    A willingness to share at a level that is appropriate and comfortable

•    A preparedness to enter into the process with openness and flexibility

•    A commitment to respect confidentiality

•    An openness to a course structure that is not so rigid that it cannot be adapted and shaped as it progresses, nor so loose and flexible that participants feel adrift and unsupported; likewise, an acceptance of a range of learning styles that meets differing needs, and a willingness to participate in those approaches which are not our preference

•    An acceptance that the course is experiential

•    A recognition that the success of the course is dependent on the enthusiasm, generosity and flexibility of the course members toward each other and the tutors and a general acceptance that we are all working toward the one goal, that of serving God in this ministry.

The course has no academic requirements.  Members of any Christian church are welcome to apply.


To express an interest in this course please email the Course Administrator, ccsd.secretary@gmail.com or write to Mrs Susan Pitts, 6 High Street, Harston, Cambridge CB22 7PX.

To make a formal application please download the application form and either send it by post or email to Mrs Pitts, ccsd.secretary@gmail.com

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